Research into how to advance to the next technology by facilitating the satellite and terrestrial network connection

The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) and SES are going to collaborate to facilitate the implementation of the current research project to develop data networks. This project is under the leadership of the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability, and Trust (SnT).

This research is known as the Integrated Satellite-TeRrestrial Systems for Ubiquitous Beyond 5G Communications (INSTRUCT). The study is financed by FNR’s Industrial Partnership Block Grant (IPBG) program, a substantial system championing for partnering industrial research in Luxembourg. The IPBG system facilitates innovation by bringing together the industry and academics to develop a churn for skilled expertise. 

The SnT will be cushioning SES to carry out studies that will advance the blend between satellite and terrestrial networks. SES is at the forefront of global content connectivity solutions and hopes to go to greater heights to achieve the 5G connection. Therefore, this project will link SnT and SES in a ten-year contract to develop the technology. These technological advances range from involved software systems modification, digital signal modulation, natural language interpretation, among others.

The IPBG program will finance 17 SnT research studies. Every research group will contain a Ph.D. student, an academic supervisor from SnT, and an industrial supervisor from SES.

The connection between satellite and terrestrial systems is vital in developing advanced networks to join communication facilities and agencies. Satellites are turning out to be essential in the creation of networks for a broad scope of coverage, communicating with moving systems, and other communication activities.

The INSTRUCT program’s collaboration will facilitate the spread of networked communication even to marginalized areas mobile device connection, maritime, and aerial connection, among other links. SES is at the center-stage of this project since it is known for running data markets, leading technological innovations, and peculiar programs like the transition to the 5G network.  

FNR’s deputy secretary-general Andreea Monnat reiterates that the inauguration of the IPBG program pilot project in 2016 has become crucial in the propulsion of research financing to tackle complex industrial problems. Andreea explains that the focus of Luxembourg is facilitating development via innovation. The country is confident that collaboration between SES and SnT will facilitate the longed-for future of innovation.

In conclusion, SES’s chief of Technical operations, Ruy Pinto, says that they are happy to partner with SnT because they understand their dedication to innovation as a strategy to grow the economy. SnT’s project principal investigator Prof Symeon Chatzinotas states that the integration of satellites with earthbound networks will ease the transition to 5G internet and beyond.