The New NASA Chief promises to send astronauts to the moon come 2024.

The newly appointed NASA Chief of operations, Kathy Lueders, said that it is possible to send astronauts to the moon by 2024. However, she is not sure if a pragmatic position of NASA is to specify the date when they will be sending astronauts for the lunar mission as hoped for by the Trump administration. 

Kathy said in a teleconference that they are going to try their best as NASA to send astronauts to the moon once they complete the structures for the mission. She hopes that with this, they can advance towards the goal of the moon landing. 

Experts and critiques think that this lunar mission is unfathomable to achieve by 2024. They view it as chasing after the wind, especially now that some of its critical employees and experts at that are in a shelter-in-place order following the global outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. However, Lueders states the only challenge in anything is its initiation. Once the project takes off, the only limit is the availability of resources of which NASA has in plenty. 

In case of any technical problems, Kathy says they have a team to brainstorm and come up with valuable solutions. She retorts that her team is working on the clock to ensure they fulfill their objectives and the general goal of exploring the moon. 

Jim Bridenstine, an administrator at NASA, retells that it is uncertain to give a yes or no bearing in mind that there are other parameters to consider. One such factor is the current pandemic, whose effects are eventually materializing. He states that it is also a concern that requires integration from the subsystems to the organization’s systems.

Bridenstine adds that the appointment of Kathy is one of the stepping stones to achieve the lunar mission. He reaffirms that they will work their way up to achieve this goal. This mission was to run through and launch in 2028. The Trump administration reset it to 2024 so that NASA can figure a comprehensive method using the Artemis program to land astronauts to space. 

NASA intends to try two test flights via its SLS rocket and the Orion spacecraft. The two tests ensure the authenticity of the shuttle for the mission so that they can rectify the errors before the real purpose. 

Finally, Lueders is well known for her exceptional service in supervising the development of SpaceX’s and Boeing’s crew capsules in the Commercial Crew Program. Bridenstine says that Lueders can set the right leadership skills for running the NASA company.