All about Doug Hurley, the astronaut in SpaceX launching

Hurley is as cheerful about the groundbreaking flight as Behnken. It was shown in an identical meeting on 1 May that it was a significant privilege for him to be a key component on the plane.  He mentioned that the project is now a decade underway and that both he and Behnken also collaborated for many years before the venture, for NASA’s industrial equipment company and SpaceX. He said it was a “tough road to reach where they are today.  On the other hand, Hurley is married to a NASA cosmonaut, like Behnken. Hurley’s wife is a former astronaut named Karen Nyberg, who worked as the launch director, the international space station project manager at STS-124, and flight director for flight 36 and 37.

Additionally, Hurley also received a BA in structural engineering from TK in 1988. He was appointed as a second lieutenant in the United States in the Marine Division that year. In 1989 he took part in a mission training course at the Basic School in Virginia.After school, he worked on three western Pacific routes in 1991 and became a Navy aviator.  

Hurley was chosen in 1997 to join the US Naval Test Pilot Program in TK, Maryland, and later graduated from the Naval Strike Aircraft Research Squadron (VX-23), as a flight instructor and project manager. The very first Navy pilot to serve on the F/A-18E / F Super Hornet fighter planes was Hurley, and he became a very successful pilot. Approximately over 25 separate aircraft models, he has reported over 5500 hours of flight time.

As Behnken, in July 2000, Hurley was appointed as an astronaut at NASA. Upon two years of preparation, he was chosen as a pilot and allocated to professional positions in TK’s spacecraft department, acting as a leading probe astronaut support team, STS-107, and STS-121. Hurley worked in Star City, Russia, and as the NASA Operational Chief for Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre.

Furthermore, in 2009, Hurley initially launched to space as an STS-127 astronaut on the ST’s Endeavour. After that, he worked as the intelligence director of the astronaut department. Similarly, at the last Space Shuttle Flight, STS-135, he traveled on the Atlantis shuttle in 2011. Hurley was then named deputy manager of the flight test directorate professional crew project in 2014. He remained on the STS-127 for 15 days and operated more than 12 days in space with the STS-135.