Space technologies in everyday life

Most of the people in the US worry about why the government spent a lot of money and time to develop spacecraft and its related technologies that lead to the exploration of the space. The technology has helped in the identification of the distant planet from the planet Earth. Currently, the Earth has a lot of problems that need long-lasting solutions. Early, the US spends billions of dollars on the technological development of the pace; for example, the budget for 2020 is 20 billion Us dollars. 

Most people cannot identify that the exploration of the space has a lot of benefits on the world in different ways, more so on the communication sector, Fostering on the economic growth, and the Earth observation. Space technology is very critical to the government, personal decision making, and the industries. However, most of the wide planetary brings the problem to the change in the climate; migration of people and humanitarian crises from the other horizons raises the question of how effective is the space technology reliable in the sustenance of life on Earth and the Earth itself.

Climate change has caused the difference in the weather throughout the globe and leads to harsh superstorms and the changing weather patterns, which are a significant threat in sustaining life on the Earth. The space satellite can do many such things as a prediction of the weather daily. The space weather has saved a lot of being on the Earth from the effect of extreme weather every year. Some of the major predictions are like the 1900 Galveston and Texas hurricane that caused 6,000-12,000 people to lose their life. The significant loss of life was due to a lack of weather prediction and early warning systems that ensure people are not on the path of the hurricane, thus reducing the harm. The NASA space data revealed the Ozone hole in the South Pole. The development of the mapping and weather apps is by the use of the Space technology that has helped most of the people to set their journey. 

The satellite monitors the greenhouse gases and the changes in the Earth’s climate indicators that allow us to analyses The ecosystem of the Earth’s health more effectively. Other technologies that come from the technology include the Semi-conductor cells for solar that reduce the effect of the greenhouse gases and the GPS. The GPS has helped in the reduction of fuel use and travel time by the use of the short distance