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Worldwide Superfoods Market Analysis, Future Growth, Business Prospects

Market Overview

The term Superfood is an umbrella term used for foods which boast various health benefits owing to its high nutrient density and the compounds it contains. The term is not commonly used by dietitians, nutritional scientists, and other experts. The nutrient-rich natural food sources contain health essentials like enzymes, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants in abundance. Superfoods typically contains over 12 nutritional properties. The global superfoods market is showcasing incremental growth rate in recent years, and according to the report documented by Market Research Future (MRFR), the growth trajectory is slated to continue over the forthcoming years.

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The report identifies the widespread trend of superfoods consumption on a global scale to be due to the growing awareness amongst consumers regarding their health and wellbeing. Superfoods cater to the needs of health-conscious consumers by providing abundant nutrients and preventing them from diseases. Furthermore, shifting consumer inclination towards clean label, natural and organic ingredients is a massive drive to the global superfoods market. The trend of superfood items or products has spread from the food industry into the food supplement industry. Rising skepticism concerning processed ingredients is pushing the usage of superfoods in food supplements. Innovative product launches are also likely to continue its positive influence over the market growth in the coming years. F&B manufacturers are incorporating superfood ingredients in their product offerings to tap on to the potential demand from health-conscious consumers.

Although superfoods are enjoying healthy popularity globally, the major competition arrives from other superfoods. Natural immune enhancing food supplements, prebiotics, and probiotics are few of the other competitive sources that can limit the market growth of superfoods. Also, changing trends in superfoods every year, the expensive pricing of the products, and lack of availability across different regions can be a major hindrance to the superfoods market growth.

Competitive Analysis

Some of the market participants of the Global Superfood Market are Nutiva, Archer Daniels Midland, Sunfood Superfoods, Creative Nature, NUA Naturals, Del Monte Pacific Group, Healthy Truth, and others. The market players are continuously innovating and developing new products that offer convenience as well as high nutritional value to the consumers.

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