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Combination of Lightings Makes You Kitchen More Attractive [Proof]

There are many elements to take into account to obtain a functional and practical kitchen, including the lighting system. Several options are available depending on the type of lighting you are looking for. Here are a few.

General Kitchen Lighting

 The whole kitchen should be well lit. In this case, you can use a pendant light, a central ceiling light, spotlights or a globe. If it is a small kitchen, choose wall lights or spotlights. On the other hand, in a long and narrow kitchen, bet on the installation of spotlights attached to a taut cable.

If the kitchen has a dining area, the addition of a pendant light above the table is recommended. On the other hand, if it is open with a central island, you need two light sources.

Whichever solution you decide to adopt, opt for warm white coloured bulbs. The light that escapes is warm and yellow in colour. The power of general lighting should be on average, 300 lux.

Functional Kitchen Lighting

 To illuminate certain parts of the kitchen, choose functional lighting. Its power must not exceed 500 lux. For lighting the worktop, for example, spotlights or LED strips and light strips are perfect.

As for the lighting inside the furniture, strips behind the wall strip or LEDs installed at the level of the opening of the drawers and doors will do the trick.

If you want to accentuate your wall units, spotlights on rods or chandeliers above the dining area are ideal.

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Auxiliary Lighting in the Kitchen

 Auxiliary lighting brings character to your kitchen. It is even one of the key elements in the decoration of the room. You can use LED strips under the worktop, along the plinths or on the wall.

Also, consider altering the colours or installing lamps with 3 primary colours. A floor lamp or a table lamp can also serve as an accent light.

Energy-saving Lighting

You may want to install kitchen lighting to save energy. At the top of the list, you have the LEDs. They can light up for 50,000 hours. Also, they do not need high amperage current to operate. They are available in several models and formats.

In the second place, find the connected bulbs. They can be adjusted using a tablet or remote control. They are available in several colours and may be subject to temperature change.

However, there are a few mistakes to avoid before choosing kitchen lighting.

Faults to avoid when choosing your lighting

Whether you decide to install general lighting, functional lighting or accent lighting, there are a few mistakes to avoid so as not to spoil the decoration of the room. Avoid, for example, installing overly powerful lights. Limit shadows on the work surface as much as possible. Remember to check the orientation of the spots above this part of the kitchen.

Do not use cold lighting in the kitchen. This helps to create a tense atmosphere in the room. Also, avoid dull floor and wall colours.

To obtain a good quality of work, contact a company specializing in the installation of lighting. This professional also takes care of repairing lighting systems. With several years of experience in electricity, he can also offer other services such as the installation and repair of heated floors, electrical entrances, etc.