Top Cricket Prediction Tips by Experts

Top Cricket Prediction Tips by Experts

Today we are going to discuss Top Cricket predictions tips ever suggested by Cricket experts.

Millions of people around the world gamble on cricket and earn Millions of Dollars. Most of them are noobs, they don’t know about the prediction cricket tips. In this article I’m going to discuss about Top prediction cricket tips by experts and make it 100% profitable.

1- Mindset

Your mentality or thought matters a lot for today’s match prediction. It’s normal to confuse for beginners. Because they haven’t enough knowledge and tips about match prediction.

Now I’m going to discuss very important point. Lot of the people think that cricket prediction is a gambling. It’s not gambling because gambling is a bad habit and in gambling we don’t invest money for specific profit return. In gambling if you lose your money will be wasted but in prediction there are some apps through which you invest some money and give today’s cricket match prediction. If your prediction will be right you will win money according to the percentage of your investment. But if you lose, your whole investment will not be spam. Some of your investment will deduct according to percentage and rest will be return.

Now I clear you by giving an example.

Example: –

For example, you invest 100$ and predict a match result. The win and lose percentage is 15 percent. Mean if your prediction will be right you will win 115$ and unfortunately if you lose 15$ will be deducted and your rest 85$ will be returned.

No need to amaze, because we are living in the age of technology. Now the traditional ways of gambling have gone.

Clearing your mindset about prediction and gambling is the first tip for today’s match prediction.

2- Took it as Profitable Business: –

As you know that every business requires investment. The quantity of investment depends upon your business’s volume. As I told earlier in this modern era today match prediction are not remain traditional now. For better predictions, you have to invest some money as you can. You shouldn’t care for loss before in beginning because it takes too much long to become an experienced predictor.

When you will play it as gambling, it will start to play with your mind and you will become mentally sick. You have to tolerate loses in beginning but as you become experienced you will enjoy it as a Business.

3- Investment plans

It’s key tip in today’s match prediction for beginners to invest small in early stages. Because in early stages you are not much experienced to win most of the predictions.

As your experience increases you can increase the magnitude of your investment for more profit. Because then you have become an able predictor.

If you will invest too much at starting with zero or less experience, the chances for your loss will be increase.

In many apps the investment plans are categories for beginners, intermediate and for experts.

You should select beginner’s category. It will give less profit but the investment and your chance of lose will be less.

It’s important and major tip for today’s match prediction.

4- Expert in Cricket/Cricket Lover: –

It is very much important that you should expert in cricket or you should be aware of cricket players like MS Dhoni, Aaron Finch, and many others. Your interest in cricket should be so much that you know about the strength, weaknesses and qualities about your team and opponent team.

Your experience in match watching should be too long that you can predict the maximum number of matches correct.

Never predict better for such teams whose chances of losing the game is high. Always invest on the prediction of those team who are top class. If two teams are playing, one is playing more good than other so it’s clear that you have to predict better for the team who is playing good.

Another tip for match prediction is that the chances of winning the games is 90% more for those teams whose played better in the previous matches of a tournament.

5- Fluctuations during Marches

You have to remain careful during prediction the T20 like IPL Prediction or One-day match because in these formats specially in T20 or One day when there is rain, the game fluctuates any time.

For Example

The main fluctuation in T20 is that a team is playing very well in 1st innings and scores good runs but during bowling they played not so well as in batting.

The same thing in One Day specially when there is heavy rain during match and overs are reduce. Pitch become wet and favors the bowling side so it is very important to be aware with weather condition before starting the match.

6- Do Not Be Patriot: –

A businessman loves his company and profit regardless his country. As you know that you are predicting the match because of earning money. If you show patriotism during game or show love to your country’s team or support a player, you live him most you will never be a good Punter or match predictor. Always select a team which is most strength full and can easily win the match irrespective of your country, province or city.

For Example: –

Suppose, you are from Zimbabwe and you love your country by heart. The match is between England and Zimbabwe. It is clear from the match’s situation that England will win. Then you should never invest your money on Zimbabwe. Because Zimbabwe is losing the game.

Love your profit or business not your country if your country is losing the game.

7- Don’t play while drinking: –

It’s very much bad habit to play predictions games while drinking alcohol or during any drug consumption. It will not only effect your game but also your health and wealth. Because in such condition your mind doesn’t work properly. You can’t understand the statistics of the match. You can’t understand what is going on. Where you should invest and where you should not?

8- One match one Limit: –

The other most important and time saving cricket prediction tip is One Match One Limit.

It means when you start to predict the match you have to limit you loses.

For example: –

You are going to predict a match and you thought that I will quite the match if I lose one game. So you invested and unfortunately you lost the game. In this situation you have to quite the match to prevent loss of more money.

Then relax your mind and enter again with proper strategy. If you don’t follow the rule you will win less than you lose.

9- Don’t Be Greedy: –

You have heard that “Greed is a Curse”. Some people win a game by huge profit and become greedy to earn more they again invest heavy on the same team. But this time usually luck don’t be in favor. They lose much than he earns. So be calm and not be greedy to earn more.

10-Format Difference: –

As you know there are three main formats in cricket. One Day, Test and T20. Be aware that the prediction style in every format is different. As I described earlier, in T20 Match the game can be change anytime and any moment. So for this you should have more knowledge about the team and player who is playing and your opponent team. In One Day match when there is Raining the situation of the match changes quietly.

By the way in Test match you can predict the match after 1st innings of both team. Because it’s too much rare that match become quietly change and slip to other side.