Ohio intends to expand and open up its corridors for the installation of EV-enabling facilities

Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has completed the research on the transition of the Ohio State to become an electric-vehicle open society under its program known as DriveOhio. This research outlines a strategy for ensuring EV technology and products reach the full expanse in Ohio. The approach reveals instrumental sites in which EV facilities can be developed all over the state. This idea involves the creation of charging stations after every 50 miles of the locations. 

This strategy informs the application of EV technology in Ohio state. One instance of this idea is the launch of the Lordstown Motors Endurance electric pickup-truck, which the citizens intend to take around for test drives. 

Ohio Department of Transportation’s Director Jack Marchbanks states that they are moving with the transport sector’s changing times. He reiterates that by installing EV-friendly facilities, they will facilitate the renewal of the landscape outlook. With this move, there will be more companies and startups entering the EV market. 

The strategy demands a partnership between various agencies to implement it. Some of the crucial partners include DSA (Development Services Agency), OTIC (Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission), ODNR (Ohio Department of Natural Resources), PUCO (Public Utilities Commission of Ohio), EPA (the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency), DAS (Department of Administrative Services), ODOT, and ODPS (Ohio Department of Public Safety). 

The Director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Mary Mertz, says that they are happy to partner with the state stakeholders to create opportunities for the exploration of EV technology. She says that they will be keen on the installation of charging stations in Ohio lodges and parks. This concept will facilitate the venture of Ohio’s natural resources. 

It is visible that the automotive industry is delving fully into EV technology. This conclusion by the US Department of Energy and other market researchers comes after observing the market for one and a half years. They have witnessed the evolution of Nissan, Ford, GM, and Chrysler to manufacturing EV models in recent years. They expect this trend to continue since the manufacturers are investing in the EV manufacturing facilities. DriveOhio views EVs as a new set of machines to rock the automotive industry in the coming years. 

The Ohio EPA Director Laurie Stevenson retorts that the strategy by DriveOhio is going to help them have an easy time allocating contracts to charging stations’ developers. She explains that they will quickly identify essential spots in which the charging stations are installable. 

In conclusion, the strategy will ease the anxiety of EV drivers concerning mile range issues since they will easily access the Fast Charging stations. Additionally, there are crucial meetings scheduled by stakeholders like PUCO to discuss the DriveOhio research as well as the implementation of the ubiquitous reviews and recommendations in the report.