Renault Shifting production to China

While the world is reeling in the aftermath of a global pandemic, Renault is looking to the future. The French-based automaker recently announced a move to halt its petrol car production in China. The move comes after Renault realizing China as the world’s most expansive market for cars. 

Amid speculation, Renault China released it’s the newest model, the KZE, which is primarily Renault’s first all-electric city car. The KZE is a brainchild of a partnership between Renault, and tech-based automotive company eGT New Energy Automotive Co. Renault has a 25% bid on the partnership 

The French automaker will focus on producing a range of 4 new EVs in collaboration with Jiangxi Jiangling Group Electric Vehicle. According to the agreement, Renault will gain a 49% stake in the joint agreement with automaking company Brilliance. The venture aims to produce all-electric, light consumer-based vehicles 

According to Chinas Renault Chairman Francois Provost, the firm looks to establish itself in the electric vehicle business and light commercial vehicles. Francois further iterates that there is hope for the electrical division in Renault as electric vehicle sales are on the rise. 

The Renault KZE comes as the latest electric car to hit the market segment. Though its inclusion seems rather recent, it’s a concept that has been in the works since 2019. Yet it features top of the range specifications like a massive 26.8kWh battery pack coming at a reasonably priced $9000. Born out of the innovative city in Shiyan Hubei, the City KZE is mostly available in China. This move will, however, spread as the company sets to heaven a new version start production in Europe 

The latest addition is the European styled KZE that will be called the Dacia Spring. According to speculation, the newly introduced Dacia will come with significant improvements, including a more extended range and better safety capability. This urban vehicle comes to hit the market in 2021. Renault has its targets set on European markets with the Dacia Spring 

Renault is in the process of converting its China-based firm. The firm will nil longer produce petrol-driven cars but will shift production sorely to electric vehicles. Renault administration figures that the company brill benefit much to move all production of its electric cars division to China and have the production have its source from there. 

Should the plan go as planned, Renault will see to an entire Chinese produced EV production line. All other markets will have access to the EVs by importing.