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Zika Virus and its Possible Link for Cancer Treatment


In Britain, a group of scientists are planning to conducting experiments to see the impact that Zika virus has on the cancerous cells of the brain. And the team is hopeful that the findings will be a great stepping stone for treatments in the future.

According to recent reports, researchers are testing the potential of the Zika virus to see the whether it can kill the brain cancer cells. A group of scientists at Cambridge University, headed by Harry Bulstrode are preparing for testing the Zika virus, Reuters reported. Notably, it will be glioblastoma, which will be in the focus of their research as it is the most common form of brain cancer.

It is a known fact that the Zika virus has very mild flu-like signs in adults and no other harm is caused by the virus. However, the impact that it has on the stem cells of babies is huge as it incapacitates them. But, the similarity that the brain cancer cells and the developing steam cells have, has led scientists to question whether the Zika virus can destroy the brain cancer cells, without harming the other brain cells, which are normal.

According to reports from ABS-CBN, the study that will be done in Cambridge University would be having the tests in the labs, on tumor cells to study the effects and the potential of the Zika virus.

Harry Bulstrode has said in a statement that babies’ affected by the Zika virus is a major health alarm but, the virus might hold a lot more potential for treating other diseases like glioblastoma. In the statement, he further stated that in their study, they would be using diverse approaches and with the findings, they will try to learn from the Zika virus how to target only selective stem cells. He is hopeful that the team will have great findings that can be used for future treatments.


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