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Videos of Eye Witnesses Suggests Arrested Bus Conductor Innocent; Bombay High Court Grants Pre-Arrest Bails To Ryan Group Trustees

Ryan International School gardener says, he saw Pradyuman Thakur collapsing in the corridor.


Eye witnesses of the Ryan International School suggest that the accused, Ashok Kumar is innocent, while the trustees of the Ryan International Group have been granted interim relief despite Barun Thakur’s (victim’s father) opposition to the pleas.

According to reports from India Today, the videos stating the account of the eye witnesses, clearly suggest that the bus conductor, Ashok Kumar, whom the police arrested on charges of murder is most likely innocent. This has also raised questions about the Haryana police’s position as it has been said that Kumar did not exit from the bathroom from which Pradyuman Thakur had emerged. Moreover, had he slit the seven-year old’s throat, there should have been blood stains on his trousers, which was missing.

In similar reports from NDTV, it has been said that the trustees of the Ryan International Group, Ryan Pinto, and his parents -Augustine Pinto, the founding chairman of the group, and Grace, its managing director have been granted short term relief by the Bombay High Court. Notably, Ryan Pinto, the CEO of the group and his parents, who are the founders of the Ryan group, had filed an anticipatory bail in the case as they expected an arrest warrant in the case.

However, the father of the murdered child also approached the court yesterday and filed a plea opposing the pre-arrest bail application of the Pintos. The application was filed in the high court registry and later in the afternoon, Justice Gadkari heard the anticipatory bail pleas of the Pintos.

Mr. Thakur mentioned in his application that he was the complainant in the case and the case was a rarest of the rare kind where a diabolical, brutal, barbarous, cold blooded, unprovoked, unpardonable, cruel homicide and hellish murder was committed on the campus of Ryan International School. Later, Tekriwal also tried explaining the details of the murder to Justice Gadkari to oppose the pleas but he said that he cannot hear the matter on this merit because his court does not have a territorial jurisdiction.

It may be mentioned here that the Pintos in their pleas had mentioned that the death of the seven-year old boy was a very unfortunate incident but they cannot be blamed for it because they themselves were the victims of an unfortunate circumstance.


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  1. Sindhu says

    Some thoughts on this case

    Prayers for the family and child

    1. The 40 year old conductor who was a driver earlier was used to going to school toilet or did he – like most drivers normally go out in the open?
    2. What is most probable? A housewife type school teacher having kitchen knife or a poor bus conductor having a kitchen knife?
    3. Was the child taken to the washroom?
    4. When the child stayed just 5 minutes from school and wud have gone to toilet at home then why wud he again go to toilet in school when it was time for assembly?
    5. Some reports say that conductor was masturbating and the child saw that and therefore he was murdered. So does that mean that all those who masturbate in toilet carry knife and murder all those who see them masturbating?
    6. Was the child killed because of some feeling of revenge by some school teacher?
    7. Was the child killed because some sacrifice was to be offered by some school teacher advised by tantrik?
    8. Why did the school remove the watchman who was a witness?
    9. The conductor worked as a driver earlier and his salary was 4000. Ryan offered him 7000 to be a bus conductor. Ryan was paying him double his previous salary for half the work. Naturally, the conductor felt obliged to Ryan management.
    10. Why did the conductor stand there like a dumbo? Any criminal wud run away. It seems planned to make him the scapegoat.

    Truth prevail

    God help them.

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