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‘Secret Superstar’ A Woman Centric Movie, States Aamir Khan In An Event In Turkey

Secret Superstar is slated for a Oct. 19 release.


Aamir Khan has revealed that his upcoming movie, “Secret Superstar” revolves on the topic of gender equality. The actor is reportedly in Turkey attending an event on a special invitation from the Culture Ministry of Turkey.

Actor, Aamir Khan is presently in Turkey to attend an event after he was specially invited by the Culture Ministry. While attending the event he also promoted his movie, “Secret Superstar.” Speaking about the upcoming movie, he was heard saying that the movie is a “step in the right direction” towards gender equality. “I feel that women have not been given the equality they deserve.”

“Secret Superstar” revolves around a 14 years old girl, who pursues her dream of becoming a singer. The movie stars Zaira Wasim as the teenager girl and it also stars Aamir Khan as a music director. Notably, Wasim’s debut movie, “Dangal” was a super hit and the movie also had the actress sharing the screen with Aamir Khan. And, “Secret Superstar” is the second time that actress and the superstar would be sharing the screen.

The Bollywood superstar is hopeful that the movie will receive a positive reaction in Turkey. Notably, the actor is scheduled to meet the Turkish Culture Minister Numan Kurtulmus, along with the film producers, actors and cinema students in Turkey.

Sources also reveal that Kiran Rao, his director-producer, fell in love with the actor’s look for the movie, where he is sporting handlebar moustache and Balboa style beard. Also, the actor will be seen sporting clothes in vibrant colours to look his character as a music director.



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