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Renault Symbioz Autonomous EV Concept Unveiled At 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show


Its raining cars at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show and Renault has unveiled the Renault Symbioz connected autonomous electric vehicle concept car. The Renault Symbioz EV reveals the vision of Renault for connected mobility for the year 2030. The Renault Symbioz also features a French Kiss autonomous mode for “non-driving activities”.

According to Renault, the Symbioz EV integrates itself into the driver’s home, when not being driven. Renault says that the Symbioz will be an extended living room for the user. The Renault Symbioz EV features a 72 kWh battery which clocks 670PS / 660Nm with a substantial range of 500km per charge and pulls off 100kmph in under six seconds. Also worth noting is that, the Renault Symbioz can charge itself to 80 per cent in just 20 minutes. Renault says that while parts of the Renault Symbioz EV concept will begin to be used in production cars starting from 2018, a prototype of the system will be ready by 2023 with production slated for 2030.

image: overdrive


The four-door car with as many seats has a unique styling. The Symbioz EV has suicide doors with the glass part of the door folding up outwards. With an aim to integrate the car to the user’s house, the Renault Symbioz EV concept wirelessly connects to the house and functions as a small extra room. The car syncs with the owner’s calendar and decides to conserve power by not drawing electricity to charge when no major usage is scheduled. It will also return its charge to the electricity of the house, serving as a backup power supply. Using Internet of Things apps, the owner can also control other appliances and devices at home from the Renault Symbioz EV.

The car features three driving modes to choose from – Classic which is like the regular driving style of current cars, Dynamic which is a more compact hatchback style mode, and AD which is fully autonomous driving. Within AD mode are three interior layouts – Alone@home, Relax, and French Kiss.

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