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Rahul Gandhi Woos Patidar Voters in Gujarat, Set To Visit Khodaldham Temple

Additionally, he would also go to the Chamunda Mataji Temple in Chotila.


Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has started a whirlwind tour of Gujarat ahead of the assembly polls in the state and as part of his efforts to woo the Patidar votes, he has been visiting temples of the community’s deity and will go to the Khodaldham temple near Rajkot today.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has taken the task of wooing Patidar voters in Gujarat pretty seriously and he is doing so not just by meeting people but also visiting temples in the state. According to The Indian Express, he will visit the Khodaldham temple situated in Kagvad village near Rajkot today as part of his tour schedule. What is more, he would go to the Chamunda Mataji Temple in Chotila to pay his obeisance before his Rajkot visit.

Notably, the Patidar community has risen against the BJP-ruled state government over the reservation issue and majority of the people are against the ruling party. So, Congress is trying to capitalize on the alienation and if this tactic works, it will be of great help to the oldest political party of India as the Patidars hold 28-30 percent of the total votes in the state. If they side with Congress, it will be a major blow to the BJP in the yearend polls.

Speaking about Rahul Gandhi’s temple visits in the state, a senior Congress member says that temple visits of Congress leaders has always been a part of the party’s tradition and it should not be seen from a communal lens. He explained that being secular and religious and religiously communal are two different things and supporters of Congress fall in the first category. He added that Rahul Gandhi will continue to visit mosques and other places of worship.

It may be mentioned here that the Congress has taken note of the polarized electorate not just in Gujarat but entire India. Therefore, it is going all out to regain its old image of a secular and inclusive party that has been severely dented by the BJP as it has been successful in portraying Congress as a minority appeaser to a large extent.

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