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Did President Donald Trump Reveal Sensitive and Confidential Information to Russian Foreign Minister?


In a meeting at his Oval office, President Donald Trump is said to have disclosed highly confidential and sensitive information to the Russian foreign minister and the Russian ambassador.

President Donald Trump reportedly revealed highly confidential and classified information in a meeting with the Russian foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov and the Russian ambassador to the US, Sergey I. Kislyak. The information that has been revealed was received from an important intelligence source from the Islamic State.

According to reports from Washington Post, President Trump has revealed a lot more, exposing the intelligence source and has also posed a threat for the ally, who in some way has access to the internal works of the Islamic State. The report also stated that considering the sensitivity of the information, and the high confidentiality level, it was also not shared within the government officials.

Moreover, President Trump revealed the details to the Russian foreign minister without the consent of the partner, and it is an example of breach of intelligence protocol. Further, it could also damage the intelligence relation. But the White House officials immediately took steps to contain the damage, like calling up the CIA and the National Security Agency.

However, it has also been reported in related news that no such disclosures have been made by President Donald Trump. In a statement, White House officials have denied such reports and the National Security Advisor of Trump administration, HR McMaster has said that he was present in the meeting and no such revelations have been made, Independent reported. But, neither did he answer questions nor did the NSA or CIA make any comment.

Notably, I President Trump and the Russian foreign minister and ambassador, Sergey V. Lavrov and Sergey I. Kislyak met last week and both discussed about the dangers arising from terrorist groups.

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