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PlayStation Plus And PlayStation Now Might Come In A Single Package


The price increase of PlayStation Plus has led to the doubt that Sony might be offering PlayStation Plus and PlayStation One in a single package. A firm update is also in store for PlayStation 4.

The price of PlayStation Plus has recently been increased in Europe, however, the users were not given a proper explanation for the price hike. According to reports from Comicbook, new features and contents have been added to PlayStation Plus and as a result of these additions; the price has been increased for it. Many pieces of evidence point out that the members of PlayStation Plus may not get access to Sony’s PlayStation Now in the coming months.

It has been observed by many active members that Sony has recently started marketing PlayStation Now a lot. This is the first time that a cross-promotion has been done by Sony. The members have indicated that there is a possibility that PS Now will be introduced to the subscribers of PS Plus soon. However, this is not the only evidence that points out that there is a possibility of introducing PlayStation Now to the PlayStation Plus users.

Reports have further said that Sony is preparing for a firm update on PlayStation 4 and this update will add components of classic gaming in PlayStation. The update is already in its beta stage and the selected users for the testing have been sent a survey that distinctively asks whether the user is also a subscriber of PlayStation Now or not.

Tidux which is considered as an industry insider has said that PlayStation Now will be a part of PlayStation Plus soon. However, he also indicated that only a narrow number of PlayStation Now games will be introduced in PlayStation Plus. Though there are rumors saying that PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus will be now available in a solo package, there is no official confirmation about the same. The confirmation report might be out next month if the speculations are right.

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