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‘Padman’ And ‘2.0’ Not Heading For Clash, Akshay Kumar Clarifies Doubts On The Matter

“Padman” is based on the life of social activist Arunachalam Muruganantham and has Akshay Kumar playing the titular role while “2.0” would see him playing the villain.


Akshay Kumar’s next two films “Padman” and “2.0” are not headed for a clash on the box office as the actor has put an end to the confusion surrounding the simultaneous release of the films.

Akshay Kumar has two big projects lined up for release next year namely “Padman” and “2.0” and they would not release on the same day. The Khiladi Kumar has finally spoken up on the confusion surrounding the release of these two films. In an interview to a newspaper, the 50-year-old actor said that either “Padman” or “2.0” would release on Republic Day next year wondering why would he clash his own films.

Nevertheless, the actor did not confirm which of the two would release on Republic Day. Well, seems like he is also not sure on this front. All he said was that “Padman” belongs to his wife’s production house while “2.0” has been produced by Lyca Productions and therefore, the latter will decide if they want to release their film on Republic Day.

Akshay said that if Lyca decides to release “2.0” on Republic Day, he would postpone “Padman” but if they don’t, he would release his production house movie. Nevertheless, it looks like it would be “Padman” that would hit the theaters on the said date as “2.0” is said to be still under works. It is rumored that a lot of VFX and post-production work is left in the mega-budget Rajinikanth starrer.

Well, if fans remember, just some days back, a new poster of “2.0” was released but there is no buzz as yet about the trailer and thus, it looks like the sci-fi drama would be delayed. Nevertheless, fans would have to wait for an official announcement on the matter before they jump to any conclusion.


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