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‘One Direction’ Singer, Harry Styles Dating Food Blogger and Chef, Tess Ward


“One Direction” singer, Harry Styles is dating and his lady love is an avid food blogger, chef and she is passionate about travelling the world.

Harry Styles is reportedly dating a UK chef and food blogger, Tess Ward. Apart from her love for travel and food blogging, she is an active Instagram user, where shares her recipes. The “One Direction” singer is pretty close to Tess, People has reported. Moreover, the report also states that from the instant they met, they have being going along superbly and with time, their bonding has only become stronger.

Sources close to the duo have revealed that they share a common love and it is their love for fashion and food. This has further helped them bond and in no time they became romantically involved. And, now, Harry Styles is extremely serious about his lady love.

It must be mentioned that Lou Teasdale, Harry’s stylist, first introduced the duo and since then, they have gone on multiple dates. Moreover, Tess has also met some of Harry’s close friends. However, Harry is takings his steps very carefully as unlike his past relationships, he is serious about his lady love now and does not want things to be messed up.

In related news, it has been said that Tess is perfect as Harry’s girlfriend as her personality is somewhat befitting with Harry’s and how his lady love should be, E! News reported. Also, Tess is an avid social media user and her Instagram is full of her recipes. Her travel diaries also seem to be pretty interesting and going by her website, her last places of visit are New York, Italy and Mexico.

Notably, in 2015 Tess’ book “The Naked Diet,” released and it is a pretty popular one. The book contains easy dishes that does not take much time to prepare but are full of energy.


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