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Lack of Jobs Could Be A Challenge In Next Lok Sabha Elections, Predicts Dissenting Leader Yashwant Sinha

According to Sinha, the government has clearly mis-handled the economy so far.


BJP leader Yashwant Sinha has been in the news for quite some time now. After criticizing his own party for doing badly with respect to the country’s economy, he is back with his prediction that lack of jobs would be a major issue in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

According to The Economic Times, Sinha continues to remain unaffected by the criticism that he has been subjected to in the recent past. He decided to raise his voice yet again, claiming that any attempt made to polarize voters may not work this time around for the currently ruling party.

Sinha feels that BJP may try to polarize voters on the basis of issues such as Article 370 or Ram Mandir. However, these issues and the commitments made around the time of Lok Sabha elections may not work.

Recently, Sinha raised his opinion regarding the nation-wide implementation of demonetization. He said that had he would have stopped the government from taking this extreme step if he himself was the Finance Minister of the country.

Sinha further claimed that despite raising his voice by presenting apt facts and figures, no signs of respite in the sectors of the economy have been observed so far. The BJP leaders believe lack of jobs and uncontrolled price rise as the two major challenges that the party may face in the upcoming elections.

Moreover, he feels that the Indian voters are frustrated and constantly thinks about whether he or she will end up with retaining the job or not. Employment is a major concern at this point and a majority of households will be affected by it. Sinha further showed his concern about the absence of a concrete policy to manage distress prevailing in a majority of sectors.

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