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Kim Kardashian’s Investigation Reveals Woman in Scott Disick’s Dubai Hotel Room; Disick Confesses Feeling Dejected as Kourtney Kardashian Dating


Scott Disick had to face an embarrassing moment when Kim Kardashian landed up at his hotel room and confronted the woman hiding in his room during their trip to Dubai.

Scott Disick must have never imagined, even in his dreams that he will have to face such an embarrassing situation, where his ex’s sister, Kim Kardashian will land up in his hotel room, during their trip to Dubai.

The reality TV star, Kim Kardashian suspected that something was not right and to find what was not right, she landed at Disick’s hotel room, only to find that he had a woman hiding in his bathroom, E! News reported. She immediately confronted the woman and gave her a piece of her mind. Kim Kardashian was very harsh on the woman and along with her hard words, she also insulted her and asked to get out. Kim was so furious that she even threatened to call the security.

Later, Kim was also heard mentioning that she had received a text from the security, reporting that something fishy was happening in Scott Disick’s room. And, so she had to investigate what was going on and even Disick could not prevent the scandal from getting revealed.

Notably, before the situation in Dubai would have given things an ugly turn to Sunday’s episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Scott Disick confessed before the camera that all he wanted was to woo back Kourtney Kardashian. And he was putting in all his efforts for the same. But when he learned that his lady love is seeing another man, he lost his mind and was in a fit of anger.

He added that their trip to Aspen along with the kids was also to impress her and win her back. Moreover, he also admitted to feeling dejected on hearing about Kourtney spending time with someone in LA.


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