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Kangana Ranaut’s Sister, Rangoli Slams Zarina Wahab As Latter Challenges Actress To Undergo Lie Detector Test

Kangana Ranaut has stirred a hornet’s nest with her sensational interview in “Aap Ki Adalat.”


Ever since Kangana Ranaut appeared on “Aap Ki Adalat” and spoke up about her past, the controversy has refused to die down. While Hrithik Roshan may have kept quiet about the episode, Aditya Pancholi did speak up and now his wife Zarina Wahab has said that Kangana is lying propelling her sister Rangoli to blast her in a series of tweets.

Kangana’s candid yet shocking admissions about her exes Aditya Pancholi and Hrithik Roshan have led to a barrage of stories and gossip on social media. Celebrities have spoken up about her interview with singer Sona Mohapatra saying that she was washing her dirty linen in public and her interview was a circus.

Though Kangana did not react to this allegation, her sister Rangoli did and now she has also taken up cudgels against Zarina Wahab, wife of Aditya Pancholi. The veteran actress recently said that Kangana was lying about everything that she said in her interview about Aditya and her. She also said that she should get a National Award for uttering lies with so much confidence on national television.

To this, Rangoli Ranaut responded with a series of tweets writing that evil creeps like Aditya exist because of women like Wahab. She also accused her of exploiting Kangana who was two years younger to her daughter. She tweeted that why did Zarina gift Kangana diamonds and took her to meet directors when she knew that her husband was exploiting a minor. She also said that Zarina and her husband both should be put behind bars for their heinous acts.

It may be mentioned here that Kangana Ranaut had said in her interview that she had gone to Zarina Wahab asking for help to protect her from her husband who had allegedly kept her under house arrest. However, Zarina refused to help her saying that it was a relief that Aditya did not come home as he used to create a ruckus.

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