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iPhone X Sold Out Within Minutes From Airtel Online Store


The iPhone X has finally officially hit global markets, but users are complaining of unavailability of the device.

The iPhone X, which is without doubt the biggest upgrade to Apple’s iconic iPhone smartphone since its introduction in 2007, has generated a lot of hype and demand. The new iPhone X features excellent build quality, Face ID, oodles of power, an edge-to-edge OLED display,  a gorgeous bezel-less design, and smart AR feature, and it comes as no surprise that demand for the device has gone through the roof. The demand in fact is so high that the smartphone was sold out from Airtel’s online store within minutes of it being available for purchase.

That Airtel’s online store ran out of the iPhone X within minutes of it being sold is not an isolated incident. Apple fans, both in India and around the world, appear to be quite disappointed with the low availability of iPhone X stocks. It is not yet clear whether this low availability is due to extremely low supply or unprecedented demand, but one thing that is clear is that many people have been disappointed with trying to get their hands on the latest iPhone X.

The launch of the iPhone X in India also marks the first time that an iPhone has been launched in the country on the same day as its global launch.

Airtel said that the iPhone X was sold out within minutes on its online store. The phone was being sold on a first come first serve basis as an unlocked device (bundled with Airtel’s plans). An Airtel spokesperson told NDTV Profit: “iPhone X on Airtel online store was sold out within minutes of opening the sale. Airtel will notify customers once fresh stocks arrive”.

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