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Imran Chhimpa Arrested For Leaking Data Of Jio Users


Imran Chhimpa who holds a Masters degree in Computer Application has been arrested for leaking the database of Jio.

The leak of the Jio database became public on July 09, after which an investigation soon started. Finally, Imran Chhimpa, the man behind the leak has been arrested. He was planning to create a search engine by using the leaked information.

Imran Chhimpa has been arrested from Rajasthan for posting all the data of the customers who have used Reliance’s telecom service Jio on a website. He was planning to make a search engine with the compiled data that he managed to get from all the secular service providers working in India.

According to reports from The Indian Express, Imran Chhimpa belongs from Churu town of Rajasthan and holds a Masters degree in Computer Application. He was arrested by the Maharashtra Cyber Department after they traced the IP address of the website where the data of the Jio’s customers were uploaded.

A senior police officer said that Imran did not even try to conceal the digital track of the server that he used for uploading the data. He has been charged for stealing and for injecting a bug into the computer system of Jio. Police said that he somehow managed to get the username of a Jio retailer along with the password. He later used the same to access mobile application, used by the retailers in order to carry out the recharges of the customers. The same application gives the retailers the entrance to the database of the firm.

The accused has created a software at home through which he managed to move the data that he acquired from the mobile application on his website, with the names, mobile numbers and the mail addresses of the Jio customers. As a result, the visitors were able to search the names and mobile numbers of 120 million Jio users.

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