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IBM Claims to Have Reached Milestone in Quantum Computing


IBM has announced that it has reached a milestone in its bid to construct a powerful quantum computer. Dario Gil, Vice President of AI and IBM Q at IBM said on Friday in a blog post that IBM’s scientists have successfully constructed and measured a processor prototype using 50 quantum bits, known as qubits.

Talking about the amount of progress IBM has made in Quantum computing, Gil said, “Only a year and a half ago, we put the IBM Q experience prototype 5-qubit machine in the cloud, and made it available for the world to use, explore, and learn from. A year later, we added a second device with 16 qubits. Today, more than 60,000 users from more than 1,500 universities, 300 high schools, and 300 private institutions have registered for accounts on the IBM Q experience, and collectively run 1.7 million experiments. The members of the research community have also published more than 35 research papers using our platform as a testbed for ideas. This is only the beginning.” He added, “In May of this year, we announced the launch of IBM Q, the industry’s first initiative to build commercially available universal quantum computers for business and science.”

Talking about the new quantum computing prototype, Gil said: “Today, we announced that we successfully built and tested two new machines:

  • one with 20 qubits, which will be available to our clients at the end of this year,
  • and a prototype with 50 qubits, which will be the basis of future IBM Q systems.

Our 20-qubit machine has double the coherence time, at an average of 90 µs, compared to previous generations of quantum processors with an average of 50 µs. It is also designed to scale; the 50-qubit prototype has similar performance. Our goal with both the IBM Q experience, and our commercial program is to collaborate with our extended community of partners to accelerate the path to demonstrating a quantum advantage for solving real problems that matter.”

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