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HUL Decides To Launch Citra Skincare Brand After Ayush, To Counter Patanjali’s Challenge


Hindustan Unilever will be soon launching skincare brand Citra in India in order to ramp up its image in the herbals segment that is currently under the sway of Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali. The company intends to target women in the age group of 15-35 with Citra that offers various products like lotions, face wash, moisturizer and more.

Hindustan Unilever is preparing to launch its brand Citra in India with the aim of upping its game in the herbals segment that is currently led by Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali. According to Business Standard, HUL announced on Thursday that it plans to bring its brand Citra in India in an effort to strengthen its position in the herbal space.

The HUL management said that the company is planning to get more specialized brands in India and also wants to reenergize its Indulekha brand. It said that consumers will get to hear more on Citra pretty soon. HUL senior vice president said that Citra will boost HUL’s leadership in the skincare segment and also help to cut down the competition posed by Patanjali, Dabur and Himalaya.

Notably, Citra is present in Thailand, Indonesia, Middle East and other regions and its target customers include women in the age group of 15-35. Also, HUL has already brought up Lever Ayush down South to boost its image in the herbals space. Last but not the least, HUL is looking to further improvise its Indulekha brand.

The FMCG stalwart is doing all this in a bid to maintain its supremacy in the natural products sector where it has lost some of its sheen after the entry of Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali. Patanjali has emerged as a significant player in the herbals space in the last few years. The current fiscal saw it posting a huge turnover and it also witnessed 100% growth over the last fiscal. Its performance has been pretty amazing and has compelled big FMCG companies to reevaluate their sales strategy.


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