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HTC Launches Vive Focus Standalone VR Headset With 6DoF Tracking Support


HTC, officially launched its standalone VR headset on Monday with the name “Vive Focus.” The new Vive Focus was launched at the Vive Developer Conference in Beijing and one of the headsets highlights’ is its ability to provide “world-scale” tracking via inside-out, six-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) support. However, HTC did not make pricing or availability details clear.

Talking about the features of the new VR headset, HTC said in a press statement: “Without the need to be attached to a PC or a phone, the Vive Focus provides unlimited freedom of mobility while reducing the total cost for users to own a premium VR device. This type of device will certainly appeal to a much larger group of consumers. Furthermore, its high-resolution AMOLED screen realizes the best possible VR experience, with low latency and unmatched clarity. The Vive Focus is powered by the advanced features of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 VR Platform and utilizes the Vive Wave VR open platform, including the rich library of VR content available on the Viveport.”

The Vive Wave VR SDK, according to HTC, offers an open interface to enable interoperability among numerous mobile VR headsets and accessories; Viveport acts as the content platform for all compatible devices. Talking further about the features of the new headset, HTC said in the press release: “This allows VR content developers to more efficiently and attentively develop content while offering them a much broader reach of potential customers across multiple vendors. Meanwhile, hardware partners are able to focus on true device innovation versus fundamental VR optimization, with access to much needed quality VR content through the Viveport platform. 500 reservation cards to get priority for receiving the Vive Wave Dev Kits (including a Vive Focus) were given out to qualified developers on-site. Interested Vive Wave developers who didn’t come to the event can directly apply online at Vive’s developer portal: Vive will select developers based on the quality of submitted applications.”


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