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Google Pledges $1 Billion For Non-Profit Education


Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, has pledged $1 billion in new programs to help people prepare for next-generation technology jobs. The money will be spent over the next five years to enable non-profit organizations to raise education levels around the world. The company has also said its employees will volunteer 1 million hours to non-profits.

Pichai announced the company’s plan on Thursday morning in Pittsburgh, which happens to be the first US city he stepped foot in after he arrived in the US from India 24 years ago. Pichai also unveiled a program called “Grow with Google” that aims to train Americans on getting jobs or growing their businesses. The program also aims to empower people with computer and entrepreneurial skills.

Pichai says: “Since 2005, 1 percent of our profits have gone to finding innovative nonprofits and helping them expand with funding, tools, and volunteers from around Google. Just in the past few months, we’ve committed $100 million to nonprofits tackling gaps in the labor market and in education. Today, we’re committing a further $20 million to organizations including UNHCR, Learning Equality, and Room to Read.” He adds: We’re seeing how hard educational gaps can be overcome. We’ve already brought down the price of schoolroom tech through Google for Education and over 70 million teachers and students worldwide use our free education products.”

Google is teaming up with online education companies like Coursera and Udacity in addition to charitable organizations such as Goodwill and 4-H. Goodwill will receive a $10 million grant.

Talking about where the $1 Billion will go, Pichai says: “ will use its philanthropic expertise to fund organizations working in three areas: closing the world’s education gap, helping people prepare for the changing nature of work, and ensuring that no one is excluded from opportunity.”


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