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Google Makes Searching for Jobs Simpler


Google has incorporated some new tools in Google Search to help the millions of people that use Google Search to search for jobs. Nick Zakrasek, Product Manager at Google, revealed this new development in a blog post on Wednesday. He says: “To help the millions of people who turn to Google to start their job search, we worked with leaders across the industry to introduce a new experience earlier this year. Since then, we’ve seen 60 percent more employers showing jobs in Search and connected tens of millions of people to new job opportunities.”

Google took in feedback from job seekers based on which it has now added extra functionality to job searches conducted through Google Search. Zakrasek says about this: “Now, based on feedback from job seekers, we’re introducing some new features to help make the process more efficient. Directly in Search, you can access salary information for job postings, improved location settings, job application choices, and in a couple of weeks, the ability to save individual jobs.”

When searching for jobs, salary is an important factor that is often missing in job searches. So to address this issue, Zakrasek says, “we’re showing estimated salary ranges right alongside many jobs, based on the specific job title, location and employer. These are drawn from sources across the web like Glassdoor, PayScale, LinkedIn, Paysa and more. For those jobs that do have a salary listed, we’ll show a comparison to the estimated range for that job, if available.”

Google is also making it easier for people to search for jobs within a specific area. Zakrasek explains: “To help, we’re now adding an easy way for you to tell Google what search area to use when finding jobs that match your query. Just click the “Location” filter, and you’ll see a range of distances, from two miles up to 200 miles or “anywhere” if you’re a bit more flexible. Once you select the distance that works for you, we’ll display postings only from the area you’re interested in—whether that’s walking distance from your home, or across the whole country.”

The company says that in a few weeks, it will also add functionality to Google Search that allows users to save jobs.

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