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From FMCG to Private Security: The Leap of Yoga Guru, Ramdev’s Business Model


Yoga guru, Ramdev is planning to open a company to provide security services to various individuals, institutes, and agencies. The private security is one of the booming sectors in India and yoga guru Ramdev has decided to try his hand in the private security center. He has already begun the training of the recruits for the same purpose.

Notably, the yoga guru already has his FMCG company, Patanjali, that also deals with Ayurveda products. Now he is moving ahead to get a share in the Rs 40,000 crore private security market. According to reports from The Economic Times, Ramdev has said that the aim of his company is to inject patriotic feeling among the youth of the nation that will create an atmosphere that is suitable for both the mental and physical growth of the learners in his company.

The firm has been launched with the catchy slogan, “Parakram Suraksha, Aapki Raksha.” Ramdev has said that Patanjali has managed to sensitize people towards Ayurveda, Swadeshi products, and yoga. Now the aim of the company is to bring a feeling of protection among the people of the country. He wants to engage the youngsters to works towards the security of India.

A source has revealed that the company will offer security services to institutes, centers, corporate office, shopping malls and individuals. The first group for the service has already been recruited, and it consists of 100 trainees who are undergoing training in Haridwar at the Patanjali center. It has further been said that every month 100 new workers will be trained to carry out their job smoothly. Patanjali Ayurveda which was launched by the yoga guru in the year of 2006 saw positive growth and made a revenue of Rs 10,561 crore in the last economic year.

It must be mentioned that the private security sector has flourished in the recent years. Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry carried out a study that revealed that the private security sector would have revenue of Rs 80,000 crore by the end of 2020.

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