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Farhan Akhtar Gets Emotional After Khairabad Visit, Hopes To Visit Native Place Again

Javed Akhtar’s ancestors belonged to Khairabad and Farhan spent most of his childhood in Lucknow.


Farhan Akhtar has been keeping busy due to the promotional tours of his upcoming film “Lucknow Central” but he took out time to visit his ancestral town Khairabad which is near to Lucknow. The trip proved to be deeply emotional for the actor-director and now he wishes to visit the place again.

Farhan Akhtar was recently in Lucknow for the promotion of his upcoming film “Lucknow Central” but he took out some time from his busy schedule to visit the nearby town Khairabad which is also his ancestral place. The actor-director made a request to the production team to allow him a day’s leave to get in touch with his roots and they agreed, leading to an emotional trip for Akhtar. Talking about the trip, he said that the visit was not connected to the film’s promotions in any way and it was deeply satisfying.

He revealed that his father Javed Akhtar had told him that if he ever got a chance to visit Lucknow then he must visit Khairabad. The senior Akhtar told him that their extended family would be very happy to meet him and there are a lot of things over there that he should see and experience. So, when Farhan went there, it really turned out to be an emotionally enriching ride.

He could feel a sense of belongingness at his ancestral home and when he reached there, the family members took him on a tour of the entire house. He saw his great grandfather’s room and the desk where he used to write. He also visited the decades-old garden of the house and all if touched him deeply.

Therefore, when his relatives asked him if he would come back again, he was moved. He thought to himself that once the doors open the coming continues. He also revealed that he would like to visit Khairabad again and wishes that the time comes soon.

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