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Europe Possibly Next On List Of Countries With Laptop Ban On Aircrafts To US


Latest reports suggest that the Trump administration might expand the ban of laptops on commercial planes to include some European countries.

The Trump administration is considering the expansion of its prohibition on electronic devises like laptop in cabin luggage. As a part of the expansion, certain European countries might see its name included in the list of countries for which the ban of laptops is applicable.

According to Reuters’ report, those countries which names appear in the list will be barred from carrying laptops and also any other device that is larger in size than a cell phone. Notable, if this expansion on the ban of laptops materializes, several US based carrier companies will be impacted. These include Delta Air Inc, American Airlines Group and United Airlines.

European officials have also stated that they are waiting for the announcement, related to the ban of laptops and which European countries will appear in the list. However, they declined to reveal when the announcement from the US Department of Homeland Security is expected.

However, another report from Business Insider reported that a spokesperson with the US Transportation Security Administration has stated that no such expansions on the ban of laptops or electronic devices are expected to take place anytime soon. But, the spokesperson added that all these steps are being taken for the safety and to ensure the security of the travelers. Moreover, it is intelligence reports on the basis of which all the security measures are being evaluated on a regular basis. So, if the expansion on the ban of electronic devices actually happens, it will be to ensure a safe journey for all travellers.

It must be mentioned here that the US announced about the prohibitions on laptops in March. And, the step was taken as a security measure to prevent concealed bombs being taken onto aircrafts. The countries on which the ban is currently in place includes Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and UAE.


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