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Eman Ahmed Moved from Mumbai to UAE After Losing 328 Kgs


Eman Ahmed, the world’s heaviest woman was discharged from a Mumbai hospital to move to UAE for further treatment on Thursday.

Mumbai’s Saifee hospital discharged Eman Ahmed, who had come to India in February from Egypt for her treatment. She notably lost 328 kgs post treatment. Special arrangements were made for the smooth departure of a lighter Eman Ahmed from India. According to reports from Economic Times, the hospital as well as the state authorities made several arrangements like the creation of a green corridor for her smooth exit from the country. A cargo flight fitted with all medical equipments was used to shift her from India to UAE.

The 37-year-old-Egyptian, who weighed 500 kgs before treatment was moved to the Burjeel Hospital in UAE for further treatment. Notably, Eman was being treated in India under Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, a bariatric surgeon for severe obesity. She also lost a massive 328 kgs during the treatment.

But, Eman’ sister, Shaimaa suspected that the doctors were only using her sister for publicity. The south Mumbai hospital repudiated all of Shaimaa’s allegations and Dr. Lakdawala said that Eman’s current weight was 170 kgs, The Tribune reported. Moreover, he also contacted Burjeel Hospital, who assured that they will continue Eman’s treatment and help her stand up and walk.

He further clarifies that Shaimaa wanted Ahmed to stay in the hospital till the time she was fit and able to walk, but since the hospital disagreed as they did not want to put her at risk, it led to frictions and all the false accusations. Notably, Shaimaa had contacted Dr. Lakdawala after having heard about him, for her sister’s treatment.

It is worth mentioning here that Eman Ahmed suffers from a rare obesity condition, due to which she was restricted to her bed and stay indoor for more than twenty years.

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