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Education Minster Vijay Shah Replaces ‘Yes Sir’ With ‘Jai Hind’ In Satna Government Schools, Congress Slams Move


In an attempt to generate patriotic feelings among students, Vijay Shah, the Education Minister of Madhya Pradesh, has directed students in Satna government schools to answer their attendance by saying “Jai Hind” instead of the customary “Yes Sir.” However, the Congress has criticized the move saying that it is fake nationalism.

Education Minister Vijay Shah was slammed by the Madhya Pradesh Congress for replacing “Yes Sir” with “Jai Hind” during the roll call in government schools of Madhya Pradesh. According to reports from India Today, KK Mishra, the chief Congress spokesman said that ‘Jai Hind’ is a slogan that is recited by the students after the national anthem and national song in the morning assembly of the school. By issuing orders to utter the slogan while responding to roll call was nothing but an insult to the all the lives that were sacrificed during the struggle for the independence of the country.

Earlier, Vijay Shah on Tuesday announced that the students of the government schools in MP have to start answering their roll call with Jai Hind starting from 1 October. He said that using the slogan ‘Jai Hind’ for answering the roll call will indulge a sense of pride and patriotism among the students of the government schools. He further said this order will be soon extended to the private schools through another order because everyone needs to be patriotic.

As of now, the slogan usage will run as a pilot project in Satna only but other districts will also be covered in some time. However, Manak Agarwal, a member of the Congress labeled this movement as nothing but fake nationalism and said that Vijay Shay doesn’t have any idea about the things that he says. He supported his statement saying that during a recent conference the education minister spoke about Right to Information and forgot to say anything about Right to Education despite the fact that the conference was about education and not information.


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