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EC Objects To ‘Pappu’ In BJP’s Electronic Advertisement, Asks Party To Drop The Word

The Gujarat polls will be held on Dec. 9 and 14 while the results will come out on Dec. 18.


The Election Commission (EC) has objected to the usage of the word “Pappu” in the electronic advertisement of BJP asking the party to drop it or replace it with another word.

The Election Commission has objected to the Gujarat BJP’s electronic advertisement carrying the word “Pappu.” According to NDTV, the EC has asked the party to drop the word or replace it with another word. It is said that the commission was not ok with the word and found it derogatory as a specific person is known by that name. So, it asked the party to remove or replace the same. Notably, the word “Pappu” has been in usage for quite a while with the BJP workers relying on it to mock Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi.

As for the electronic ad, it has come to the light that the BJP had submitted a script for its election ad to the State Election Commission for clearance last month. The ad carried a character with the name “Pappu.” Those who do not know, ads have to receive clearance from the EC before they can be used in the campaigns.

Meanwhile, B B Swain, the chief electoral officer of Gujarat, has declined to comment on the matter saying that he is not aware of any such development and would speak only after receiving the details, Hindustan Times claimed. On the other hand, the Gujarat BJP has agreed to replace the word but they had also appealed to the EC committee to reconsider its decision as the word “Pappu” did not have any direct link to any person.

However, the EC refused and thus, the BJP has agreed to replace the word with a new one. A new script will be submitted soon to the EC for approval. Nevertheless, the development has gathered enough fodder to create a buzz on social media as it has led to counter attacks with the Congress and BJP workers hurling accusations at each other.


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