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Chris Cornell Committed Suicide in Hotel Room; Family in Shock


Chris Cornell committed suicide after performing in a Detroit concert.

Autopsy reports have confirmed that Chris Cornell committed suicide in his hotel room after his performance in Detroit. The reports reveal that the singer’s death happened after he hanged himself. However, the full autopsy report is still awaited. Chris Cornell was reportedly found hanging in his hotel room’s bathroom US Weekly reported.

Notably, it was just an hour before that he performed in a live concert. The singer even spoke to his wife, Vicky after the concert. He said that he might have taken an extra dose of the antidepressant, Ativan, before hanging up the phone. Vicky felt that Cornell sounded groggy. She got worried and called up Cornell’s bodyguard Martin Kirsten to check on him. Kristen had to smash the door of the hotel room as he did not get any answer from inside, only to find Cornell in the bathroom.

The medical examiners pronounced that Cornell died due to hanging himself. Wayne County officials stated that they are waiting for more information as full autopsy report is awaited.

It must be mentioned that during his last performance, Cornell sang a song that spoke about death and a longing to die without mourning. It was his 1991 song “Slaves and Bulldozers.” However, it is not known whether with his song, he wanted to indicate that death is looming for him.

In related news it has been sated that Chris Cornell’s wife has stated that the singer would not have taken such a drastic step, considering his love for his family and most importantly his children, The Sun reported. She further feels that the suicidal thoughts were probably the side effects of the medication that he was taking. The family is currently in a state of shock due to the sudden death of the singer.

Chris Cornell left behind his wife and three children.


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