Kimbho arrives, the Indian application that threatens to dethrone WhatsApp in India

WhatsApp, the giant of the instant messaging, could have the days counted in India, where the new application Kimbho could be generalized thanks to its novel functions, inform local media.

Kimbho, which owes its name to a Hindu expression used to greet informally, allows video calls, send images as well as text and voice messages, also providing the possibility of using a wide range of ‘stickers’.

The new application was released in a trial version on May 30, totaling around 300,000 downloads. However, a day later it was temporarily removed from Google Play and App Store because of a security problem. Its developers say they expect the final version of Kimbho to be released in two months.

The purpose of the creators of Kimbho is to unseat WhatsApp in the Asian country, where it has more than 230 million users in a nation whose population exceeds 1.3 billion people.

“Why can not we build our own Messenger with superior features that people can trust and maintain user data within India?” Says Acharya Balkrishna, one of the developers of the project. Likewise, Balkrishna maintains that “people need an alternative,” expressing his conviction that Kimbho will become the most used instant messaging application in the Asian country.