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Brazil Declares End of Zika Emergency, But WHO Advises Close Monitoring


Brazil has declared that the Zika emergency is over after a time span of 18 months. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has alerted the health authorities to keep a watch.

Brazil came under the scanner due to the dreaded Zika virus, but the country has announced that the public health emergency has ended. For the past 18 months, Brazil was fighting with the life threatening Zika virus. But now, according to reports from Voice of America, the emergency has been lifted.

However, WHO has said that though the emergency is over, the threat is still looming large. It feels that it will still take some more time for the virus to leave the country. Moreover, the secretary for heath surveillance has further stated that the end of the emergency does not imply that the health authorities can stop monitoring or extending their assistance to people or families who were affected by the disease.

So, the health departments have been told to be cautious. With WHO’s alert, the Brazilian health authorities, the health workers as well as organizations are also keeping a close watch as the fight still needs to be carried on against the virus.

It is worth mentioning here that according to reports from BBC, there has been a drop of about 95 percent in Zika cases, from January to April this year, as compared to last year’s figures. Well, it was in fact by the end of last year that the situation started to improve as lesser and lesser cases were reported. And, WHO also ended the international emergency.

Notably, it was in 2015 that the Zika virus caused a major health scare in Brazil. And, it was also seen how the virus caused birth defects in children, who were born to infected mothers.


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