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With Alliance Staggering, Nitish Kumar And Sharad Yadav Relation Reportedly Strained


The grand alliance of the Congress, the Rashtriya Janta Dal and the JD(U) seems to be strained. Nitish Kumar has remained silent on the raids conducted on Lalu Prasad’s properties and he has also shown his support for Ram Nath Kovind. As a result of this, it is said that he is drifting away from the grand alliance which was formed.

Nitish Kumar, the Bihar Chief Minister had a discussion with the Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi, when the Janta Dal made it clear that it will keep the grand alliance in the state alive. The Congress, the JD (U) and Lalu Prasad’s RJD had formed an alliance a long time ago but it was reportedly strained when Nitish Kumar supported Ram Nath Kovind, NDA’s Presidential candidate.

Also, he kept his lips tight regarding the recent CBI searches of properties which are owned by Lalu Prasad and his other family members. Sources have revealed that a meeting might take place between Nitish Kumar and the Congress on July 22-23 in Delhi in the presence of JD(U). K. C. Tyagi, JD (U) general secretary said that he won’t allow the grand alliance to be broken as it is his own baby and he cannot kill it.

Sources have also revealed that a brief telephonic conversation has taken place between Sonia Gandi and Bihar CM, where the present political situation was discussed. Also, Sonia Gandhi thanked Nitish for supporting Gopalkrishna Gandhi, Opposition Vice-President.

According to reports from The Indian Express, Nitin has flagged the party’s zero tolerance of corruption. Sharad Yadav has remarked that he agrees with the Congress and the Rashtriya Janta Dal about the raid being a political conspiracy of the BJP leaders. While Nitish Kumar indirectly in an event said that Tejaswi, the Deputy Chief Minister should prove him to be clean on the charges of corruption made on him or else he should be ready to quit the state cabinet.

A crack has developed in the Bihar coalition government as serious differences have started emerging between Nitish Kumar and his colleague including Sharad Yadav, a party veteran.

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