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3 Die As Tree Falls On Car In Bengaluru


Bengaluru was hit by such a thunderstorm on friday evening when a 46-year-old man Ramesh parked his Maruti Suzuki Esteem on the side of the Dispensary Road and waited inside with his wife Bharati and her brother Jagadeesh. Given the strength of the winds, a Eucalyptus tree got uprooted and crushed their car, killing all three instantly. The thunderstorm, predictably, left enough havoc in the area.

Bengaluru’s traffic took a hit with vehicles taking hours to cover a few kilometres. The big St Mary’s Day celebrations happening at the St Mary’s Basilica in the crowded Shivajinagar area contributed to the hours. Fallen trees blocked roads and damaged vehicles – and uprooted electric poles as they fell.

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) worked to clear the trees and storm water drains while the electricity board is worked on the damage to its system. Water entered homes in the low lying areas of Koramangala and VV Puram.

The previous year, there was major flooding and the authorities took up a major drive to demolish buildings that had encroached lake beds and storm water drains. But flooding again happened in August and after Friday’s rain.

 Sundar Metri, director of the met department said isolated heavy rainfall is expected in south interior Karnataka. The met department predicts more rain this weekend – although not to the extent of Friday night. Also, the director warned people not to shelter under trees in a storm.

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